Arms And Seizures’ 2018 Split Trailblazes A Bright Path For Mathcore And Noise Rock

Thrillingly, both Arms and Seizures sound as though they’ve tapped into a previously undiscovered stream of musical inspiration on their 2018 split. The bands — both of which contributed two tracks to the release — share similarities while remaining distinct from one another.

Arms opens the release with their unique take on technical metal — aka mathcore — thrashing through their two tracks with a musically dynamic and twisted intensity you’d be wrong to pin as a rip-off. Their songs are both hugely heavy and thin and wavering. In the end, their style choices provide an absolutely exhilarating experience. Instead of opening with the heavy and sticking with it, they let the listener experience the whole jump down to the depths of mathcore hell. None of the thinner parts detract from the overall intensity of their songs, because there aren’t really any overly luxurious slowdowns. The band pushes forward relentlessly, giving, in the process, new meaning to not just the furious mathcore elements but the softer parts as well.

Seizures operates in a similar broad framework while remaining, as mentioned, distinct. Rather than shifting between depth-combing, thrashing technical playing and less intense parts, the band operates on a more brutally noisy spectrum. They channel blasts of energy into musical parts that feel like, well, blasts of energy, highlighting exactly how that energy is defined through their willingness to jump through softer textures to get there. Seizures sounds like noise rock and blasting hardcore met post-hardcore. Rather than the softer artsy elements acting as a filter, though, and leaving the finished product a dilution, the elements collide and explode into a colorful musical fallout zone.

Rather than sticking to a singular musical experience, Arms and Seizures both push the listener through rounds of swirling fantasies. Listening is like plugging into a metaphorical musical hive mind while it’s having it’s whole life flash before its eyes. In this case, in contrast to the context lives flashing before one’s eyes normally sits in, at the end you can start again. The limit to riding this roller coaster is only defined by how many times you can push play.

5/5 Stars

Listen below via Spotify.