Frantic New Daughters Noise Rock LP Spins Wildly And Exhilaratingly Out Of Control

In the eight years between Daughters and You Won’t Get What You Want, Daughters as a sonic concept feels like it was mercilessly batted around… and around… and around. Eight years proves a long time for intensity to build up, and with the release of the newest full length album from the noise rockers in Daughters, all of that pent up force has come rushing out.

The world cavorts like a drunk man trying to make it to his front door once pressing play on the new Daughters record, providing an experience extreme and unlike many — if any — others.

You Won’t Get What You Want feels strange and wild — and perfectly fitting. The release rockets between sonic extremes over and over, beginning on a lengthy note of glitched out noise before devolving into more obvious extremity. The depths that the band reaches, though, don’t feel static. There’s at least as much of an obvious sonic emphasis on the path taken to the noisiest point the band reaches as there remains on the noise itself. To think of it one way, there’s seriously no empty space on this release. Each element packs a punch and contributes to the record’s overall impact. In the midst of their sonic blasts, Daughters have perfected the art of making each and every note meaningful, which is no small feat. The record would not have as much of an impact without the vocal work from Alexis Marshall or each part of the instrumental work from guitarist Nick Sadler, bassist Sam Walker, and drummer Jon Syverson.

Together, the band delivers a permeating unease that simply isn’t often found in music. Often, musicians maintain an apparent effort to get to a certain point with their music. They have an apparent vision in mind, often apparent in the sound of their work, which circles around a certain core point that provides the listener with some synthesis, if they pay close enough attention.

No such feature makes itself known on You Won’t Get What You Want. The core feels like a fact that there is no core. The band takes the listener wherever they damn well please, leaving them in a sonic place that bridges the gap that much more remarkably between sound and fan.

5/5 Stars

Dive into You Won’t Get What You Want below via Spotify.