Zeta Capture The Listener’s Imagination On Newest Experimental Hardcore Full Length

A ton of Zeta’s strength as a band rests with their personality. The Venezuelan experimental hardcore outfit’s newest record Magia Infinta is out now, and the album feels more like an experience to step into than a shallow sonic experience easily boiled down. The band proves vibrant, as if they’re the sonic version of a beautiful, complex and ultimately dazzling painting that both begs to be examined and sits just outside of easy comprehension.

The band enacts this vision through a musical framework that basically, just doesn’t match up to much if anything else. Zeta are their own entity, shaping their own path forward. It’s liberating, in a sense, to listen to their music — even for an English speaker, considering the Spanish lyrics — considering the excitement inherent in their work. Magia Infinta feels complex, but not overwhelming, and experimental, but not aloof.

There are textures interwoven with the album that feel like callbacks to music from outside the United States and back where the band’s from in South America. Those textures, though, aren’t just sprinkled on top of the rest of the music like a gimmick. Instead, they blend essentially seamlessly and really smoothly with some happily wild hardcore music. The band feels like it’s truly reflecting the personalities of the people involved in its making, which zeroes in on what’s up there among the goals of music making altogether in the first place. In so doing, the band opens up a common ground for themselves and the listener where everyone involved can have a good time.

Although they’re not from the U.S., they’ve made plenty of American friends. Their record release show for Magia Infinta was at 2018’s Fest 17 in Gainesville, Florida, a yearly music event that features unique and ambitious punk-oriented names from all over.

The music suits itself well to such a setting. There’s a whole array of “good time” packed into the record, letting the listener in on a deep, enriching experience more than just an acute satisfaction or catharsis. Magia Infinta represents the elevation of a voice that deserves to be heard — and that open-minded punk fans would no doubt find very interesting, honestly.

5/5 Stars

Listen below via Spotify.