Ghost Spirit & Frail Hands Deliver A Life Giving Dynamic Screamo On Their Split LP

If you’re reading this, you’re alive. Musically, Ghost Spirit and Frail Hands pack that sentiment into the ambitious screamo split they released in 2018.

Ghost Spirit — who present their work first — play a strangely melodic blend of textures that opens the listener up to new possibilities when considering the broad swaths of its color. The band first establish a traditional and familiar feeling harsh and loud presentation before launching into melodic, progressive-feeling portions that define their sound as entirely outside the realm of genre considerations. Their music feels perfectly poised to scratch the itch for music that doesn’t just expand the community’s boundaries but latches onto the community members themselves and in its very nature, means something.

The band’s melodies themselves feel poised to evoke an emotional reaction from the listener, although that feature of their craft does not take center stage. Instead, Ghost Spirit prove that there remains a beating heart in the center of the chaos that surrounds us on a daily basis. Sometimes, we need that proven.

Meanwhile, on their side of the split full length, the Canadian noisy screamo band Frail Hands take their own sound to a new height. The band delivers a harsh wave of noise poised perfectly to deliver a sense of majesty. Their approach feels closer to establishing a place for life as it is — chaos and all — as opposed to zeroing in more closely on a melodic core. They’re harsh, and their songs are brief — but aren’t our lives all rather brief in the end?

The portions that come in between the start and stop points are what matter the most. Our journey does mean something, and in that light, Frail Hands circle back around to a place similar to what Ghost Spirit occupy.

Chaos is not new, no matter who is in political power in what country. Attempting to look out over its breadth can quickly prove overwhelming, as well outside of the realm of literal First World problems, untold millions continue to face daily threats to their very lives.

These threats to life, although different in form from war and famine, continue into the First World as well, as members of minority communities face harsh violence, low income families struggle to keep themselves fed and in shelter, and beyond.

However, in the midst of all of this tumult, we continue to exist. Ghost Spirit and Frail Hands accomplish truly remarkable work because via the musical presentation of their 2018 split LP, they communicate this — and maybe that’s enough.

5/5 Stars

Listen below via Spotify