Dematerialize Liberate Us From Metalcore Boundaries On Exciting Debut Self-Titled EP

Dematerialize sound incredibly ambitious on their debut self-titled EP, out December 7 via Famined Records. On a practical level, the band blend a wide swath of intense textures into their presentation. They display a range from traditional metalcore to noisier fare with hints of grindcore and black metal that even pop up at times thanks to some mind boggling blast beat attacks.

Their palette doesn’t stop there, either, since they also include an electronics element that at times helps tie the  sprawling work together via a sinister undercurrent. There’s no wasted space here, and this electronic side of their work functions less as a garnish and — importantly — as another integral part.

The vocal work also contributes to this side of the presentation. Often higher on the register, that component alone jolts the listener at times. Although the vocalist does display an impressive range, the “point” doesn’t sound like hitting a certain high or low. In a welcome difference, the “point” instead feels like imparting a feeling of thrashing rage and concurrent emotions. The vocal work and the lyrics it presents provide welcome substance for the listener to fall back on — the concern and intensity presented feel “real.”

Although the band do jump right into rocketing almost out of control, they do circle back to an ultimately relatively familiar “-core” framework throughout Demateralize. This helps define the top level view of their work, which takes the listener on an energetic journey through anger and beyond. Rather than leaving the listener at the very specific boundaries in place around a given “genre” or specific emotion, Dematerialize’s music emotionally imparts the same ambition that defines its practical boundaries.

Ultimately, Dematerialize feel as though they zeroed in on communicating their full inspiration instead of trying to fit it into a box. They’re not trying to “make a metalcore EP,” per se. Instead, they’re putting themselves out there as artists and pushing themselves in the process. While the personal element doesn’t overwhelm the record to the point of sending it down an emotional rabbit trail, that wellspring still reflects in the work in a welcome feature that helps set their EP apart.

5/5 Stars

Check out a single from the band below.