Car Made Of Glass And Potion Go Utterly Insane On Their New Year’s Day Noise Metal Split

Both Car Made Of Glass and Potion take extremity to a whole new level on their split release that dropped on New Year’s Day 2019. Neither band fall anywhere near familiar “genre” considerations that in the face of what they do put forward feel petty and utterly useless. These bands are throwing out a primal scream squeezed out from the in this case all too literal machinery keeping this death trap of a modern world grinding forever forward.

Put differently, both bands are really, really heavy and noisy.

Car Made Of Glass feel more concerned with forming demented slabs of noise into musical creations, letting utter chaos rock their work. That’s not an understatement — while retaining a sense of progression from beginning to end, their crop of tracks on the release thrashes violently.

One can only begin to imagine what a live experience this band could be. They’d no doubt have the crowd writhing. Their recordings have a bit of a raw quality reminiscent of some black metal, but that’s not remotely the only source of the band’s biting edge. They sound like if all your internal demons materialized and came rushing at you at once.

There’s something strangely refreshing in the utter absurdity of that feeling, and the band embrace this element. Their last track contains audio of the infamous Rose Funeral discussing an incident in which they harassed kids for playing Uno at one of their shows. The story is ridiculous, but there’s a certain inescapable dread and adrenaline rush that it contributes to.

Both of the bands go all out, and their work’s impact proves inescapable thanks to that.

Potion have their own version of an openly absurdist track at the end of their side, sharing a story of some kind of zany spiritual pilgrimage that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

The rest of their often very brief tracks feel like punches in the gut. Their output feels more direct, utilizing more obvious technicality and even heaviness to present an overwhelming portrait of a mind gone totally mad. Potion’s vocals are shrieked, adding a bit of obviously human depth to the utter meltdown of a record, and they achieve the same effect with their musical style.

Both bands unite for a release that is utterly insane and will not just scratch that itch for something that takes you to a new level but shred a gash right open.

Just to be clear — 5/5 Stars