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Nuvolascura Funnel Sweeping Emotional Violence Into Exciting Self-Titled Debut

You can find yourself in the midst of the right kind of chaos, and Nuvolascura capture that “right kind” and then some on their debut full length under this name. There’s not really a way to overstate the musical mayhem on this self-titled screamo release, but they never lose the attentive listener. Their songs chart a dark path down through the depths of a hell that’s jumped right past metaphor into real, tangible life. Indeed — thanks to the relentless intensity of the music, you can almost feel the tracks coursing through your veins. Their energy jumps right into you.

If you’re looking for an energy shot, you’re in luck, but there’s a lot more to Nuvolascura than that. The band feel like they’ve gone so far off into the deep end of urgent visceral screamo that they’ve almost circled back around and begun creating their own universe. In a raw sense, even without looking at the lyrics, there’s a narrative progression of sorts as the release charts not so much a mental breakdown as the string connecting various breakdowns together. If you’ve experienced issues ranging from the death of a loved one to the loss of personal identity when you look in the mirror — this album plumbs some of those depths and may have some insight for you.

The band don’t stop there, though, swamping their prodding of the human psyche we all share with a thrilling musical experience. They combine that noisy screamo that feels like it’s emerging from the alley ways of a vast industrialized city with some more meditative passages and interludes that approach although never completely fall into open-ended music. Through both of those extremes, Nuvolascura display a remarkable technical prowess that shines through in part thanks to the production handled by The Atomic Garden’s Jack Shirley, which feels crisp without any over-isolation of the various components.

The band string those segments together in a tapestry that ultimately just makes sense, which is no small feat considering the volatility of the various elements they’re working with but ensures that their release is unforgettable. The personally affecting but musically driving pain sticks with you.

Their self titled screamo masterpiece is available to stream January 22 and is available physically from Zegema Beach Records and elsewhere. The band features current and past members of outfits including SeeYouSpaceCowboy, Letters To Catalonia, Curtains, Heritage Unit, and Ghost Spirit.

5/5 Stars

Listen below via Bandcamp