Boundaries Take No Prisoners On Their Devastatingly Heavy New EP ‘My Body In Bloom’

Boundaries’ My Body In Bloom EP — out February 22 on Unbeaten Records — feels like a sledgehammer. The band play a viciously pummeling form of heavy hardcore that maintains enough depth to easily feel physically palpable while making your way through their newest release. They’ve captured a sound that’s dynamic enough to feel like a bodily experience, even while simply sitting and listening to the record all by yourself.

The nature of the experience feels fitting, since My Body In Bloom‘s overall presentation tells at least some of the story of completely emotionally breaking down. As anyone who’s been through a related experience will know, these situations don’t simply confine themselves to your mind and prove thereby easy to simply dismiss. The feelings course through your veins, pop up at inopportune times, and can prove crippling.

Considering these points, Boundaries have proven crushingly real with their furious music, allowing for their work to have that much more of an inescapable impact. They’re both sonically and thematically blunt. Here, the focus isn’t so much on the single concept of “anger” but more on the full, demented garden that such a breaking point could emerge from. Their anger is progressed, and not simply a one-way street of aggression but a cavorting beast that could target the speaker as easily — if not moreso — than it could or would target anybody else. Confrontation of these demons that just won’t leave can be alluringly useful.

Boundaries pull from both a swirling chaos and a sort of demented accessibility in crafting their songs, which ultimately contributes to the overall oppressive nature of their newest effort. While proving pummeling, My Body In Bloom‘s vocal work proves comprehensible (at least for those familiar with this sort of music) and their music also proves intriguingly styled at times, almost to the point of a sense of control emerging from the wreckage. They engage in clear, focused musical breakdowns scattered across a wasteland of heavy hardcore that quickly devolves into chaos and stays there.

On a basic level, they’ve pulled off an impressive feat with their songs. They’re inescapably physically invigorating, and would no doubt go over incredibly well in a live setting.

In other words, this band delivers on just about every front imaginable.

5/5 Stars

Check out a single below, and preorder the release from Unbeaten Records.