Listen Exclusively Here To The Stirring, Creeping Ambiance Of Veloce’s ‘The Time Between’

Veloce tap into the immersion of sound we’re all suspended in via their newly available, ambient track “The Time Between,” which serves as the title track of the project’s upcoming War Crimes Recordings full-length (available March 15) and is available to listen to exclusively below.

The track’s construction displays a curious dichotomy, presenting the listener both with forceful, and even fittingly repetitive melody while they experience a suspension in more hazy sound that provides impressive breadth. Although ultimately, the track remains very minimalist, it feels as though it packs whopping expressive power. The song simply leaves filling in the blanks to the listener’s imagination, engaging them in the process while laying out a map that’s just clear enough.

The music feels like a depiction of modern, even city life, offering a unique take on the phenomenon. Where other artists might focus more on the totality of industralization in their sound, Veloce’s mastermind Eric Block feels as though he’s distilled various elements he’s confronted into something more pure and straightforward than before. The force remains — it’s just no longer engaging you physically as much as it’s weaving its way into your psyche.

War Crimes Recordings says that Block’s project’s newest full-length was “recorded sporadically throughout the winter of 2017-2018 while staring out the window of a home in the woods outside of Chicago,” and that truly makes an impressive amount of sense. His work feels like the music to listen to after tumult has died down and you’re left pondering more of the broader and deeper implications.

“The Time Between” feels as though it could appeal broadly to fans of styles ranging from ethereal post-rock to doom-infused ambiance and even more directly experimental music.

Order the record at this link. War Crimes Recordings has put out work from artists like industralists Bruce Lamont and Sanford Parker, and they have more on the horizon.