Check Out Brand New Intense Screamo Glory From Lytic Exclusively Right Here

New York’s Lytic bring carefully constructed, glorious screamo meltdowns to those lucky enough to hear them. On a track from an upcoming four-band split available to stream exclusively below, they make chaos beautiful. They don’t devolve necessarily completely into frenzy, although they certainly dose the listener with a ton on “Bless Your Tourist Heart.” They package their wildly spinning core in reflective, clearly alluring packaging that’s going to have you hitting repeat on this track with ease. Their particular recipe feels powerful and just plain captivating, taking both intensity and careful technicality to brave, freshly interactive ground.

After a brief but substantive gentle introduction, the track drops a weight of intensity, pulling the rug out from under you that it spent the first half a minute or so establishing — although that jazzy softness does take center stage again somewhat briefly towards the middle and end. Although the more explicitly technicality-inclined portions get their time in that spotlight, they do not detract in the slightest from the overall intensity of the track, which hits like an avalanche. Both the soft and fast elements maintain this intensity, lending towards the feeling of the band excitedly rushing by like a maniac.

Thematically, the potent track illuminates a perhaps desperate emotional state of longing. The title reveals a little about the track’s content’s overall lean — the refrain towards the end “so close yet so far away” really yanks some inner heartstrings in perfect synchronicity with the gradually intensifying music. The music will have you floored and eager for more musically and emotionally.

Lytic are composed of Jamie Behar and Frankie Zerilli, and their previously released material includes a split with Shizune and a three-song EP. Behar played in the iconic underground screamo acts Saetia and Off Minor, while Zerilli has apparently been in an outfit called Daesu. Together, they never leave the listener hanging for very long — no matter if they’re playing carefully flowing music that feels like the sonic equivalent of a crackling brook or if they’re translating the feeling of that scene being punctuated by storms, Lytic display clear passion via their thick, impressive music.

Check it out:

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The full release featuring amitié, chivàla, and pique will be out soon! Make sure to follow Zegema Beach Records on Bandcamp to not miss a thing. Outside of the United States and Canada, Moment of Collapse is handling the release in Germany while Shove Records is picking it up in Italy, where chivàla are based.