Experience New Gripping Visuals For DISILLUSIONIST’s Intense Danish Screamo Right Here

The Denmark screamo band DISILLUSIONIST’s music is maniacally intense, but not only sonically. As exemplified on their track “Deliverance,” the band also utilize a stunning emotional force to fill in the space left by their music, bringing their elements together in a crashing wave of release dropping right on the listener’s shoulders. Check out a brand new video for that track below. Matthew McCroskey directed the pretty much perfectly fitting piece.

The visuals consist of a series of shots revolving in quick succession, sometimes with significant edits to the scenery in the midst of the new ones thrown in. The imagery centers around various forms of travel — there are numerous parts displaying a perspective inside a fast-moving car viewing a range from intensely varied terrain to broad, sweeping stretches of road pockmarked with other vehicles. There are even some shots of skydivers, whose actions have a particular relevance to the song’s emotional weight, when you think about it. Quite simply, they’re traveling very fast straight for the ground. The brisk travel inherent in that scene comes to define the huge scope presented within the video’s confines — the music video itself almost feels like a fall almost straight to the ground, with the multifaceted attempts to face the fast-approaching reality that come along with that embedded in the perfectly frenzied music. The quick succession with which these scenes are presented underscores this tension. It sounds like a guy falling down a mountain turned into music, allowing the “mountain” to be metaphorical. If you’re looking to take your exploratory musical thrillseeking to the next level, you’re in luck.

The music and its video operate in that space outside of certainty but under the shadow of unruly structures rising up along the horizon that are only getting closer. At some points, the music gets crazily intense, even above the points it started out with — it’s a wild, exhilarating, and even possibly unsettling ride, but in the end it’s worth it to crack through the smoke blocking off the emotional road ahead.

Watch the video:

Listen to the full EP the track is taken from — the fire on the freeway as seen from the mountains — available via Dasein Records.