Get Lost In Super Catchy New Heaviness From Burial Party Exclusively Right Here

Indiana’s Burial Party are a fascinating new heavy band, absolutely refusing to abide by conventions right off the bat and thereby digging deep into the illuminating power of the particular music they’re working with. Check out the first single exclusively below off their upcoming EP Please, Electric Move Slow, which is out in full on July 12. Called “Black Stripe,” the single feels at its heart like a super heavy expression of a punk music-style discontent with the world, but the mood is significantly different from those sorts of perhaps more familiar sonic explorations. While anger is present for instance, it’s not the overwhelming force of this track, which instead feels more like picking up the pieces after a paradigm-shattering experience. The song feels like dredging yourself up from a mud pit you’ve fallen into, filthy but still moving forward all the same and even maintaining a spring in your step. The song feels like — quite honestly — a “burial party.”

The band who’ve so closely paralleled their name to their sound are, to be clear, quite heavy, but they know how to use the full palette of textures available to paint a more vibrant — and in this case, visceral — portrait. They’re intense, but also quite straightforwardly melodic, and at the same time, they also include plenty of lines-blurring to keep the listener from knowing exactly what’s around the corner. While maintaining a fierce clear undercurrent of personal angst, this music is something that’s also easily enjoyed. The particular tones this band use in their heavy environment feel somewhat upbeat and catchy, keeping the energy up and moving forward on “Black Stripe.” In its dark and sonically heavy context, it provides a rocking good time, which on any scope is a remarkable feat when dealing with the weight of life. Ultimately, “Black Stripe” is a forwardly poignant song.

Burial Party only got rolling in 2017, when guitarist Dan Kinnaley began coping with familiarly intense pressures via turning to classic heavy hardcore and post-hardcore records — and eventually kickstarting his own music. The eventual full outfit that got together make awesomely catchy tunes with an important attention to nuanced detail.

Listen below and pre-order the debut record here. Photo via Bambi Guthrie Photography.