Listen Exclusively Here To Swirling Black Metal Mayhem From Newcomers Botis

As a band, the Pennsylvania heavy hitters Botis know few if any boundaries. Their debut album Grand Abominations quickly proves a menacing, vicious beast, and before the self-produced effort drops in full on July 26, you can listen exclusively below to the second single, “The Magus.”

The track showcases utter ferocity that has been funneled through a tense song structure in order to achieve maximum impact. On a base level, there’s a vicious undercurrent of tense, icy black metal textures and accompanying vocals that sound like they’re emanating from a beast from the netherworld who isn’t exactly here to have a good time, to say the least. After hitting the listener over and over again with their maniacal meltdowns, Botis devolve “The Magus” into stuttered heaving that sounds like the equivalent of there ending up some breakthrough in the stand-off — but not in a safe direction for bystanders as the blood curdling unease continues to spread. As the diverse threads in the track rush towards a final confrontation, the intensity ends up dialed up even further as Botis combine their powerful black metal mayhem with some disjointed mania that feels a little more “down to earth” so to speak and in combo with the viciousness, helps drive in the ultimate impact of “The Magus.”

Across Grand Abominations, Botis traffic in similar material, but at different points, different elements get more of a time to shine. “The Magus” is definitely a more black metal-feeling moment on the record, but the band have taken the bone-chilling foundation that style often runs on and ground it up, muddying the waters and providing for a new kind of thrill. This material is a fresh take on the styles ranging from mathcore to black metal that some might be able to pick out across Grand Abominations, situating them in a wonderfully pointed but “dirty” environment. “The Magus” and the album it comes from are both immersive, swirling sonic experiences promising a hellish journey that could push you to a fist-pumping limit. The song feels like sending your psyche up in flames — but in a good way. Something powerful can and ultimately does emerge from the ashes.