Check Out A Wildly Intense And Captivating New Song And Video From Canyons Right Here

Missouri’s intense heavy band Canyons have got an excitedly hard-hitting new release coming. Called One Man’s Trash and out July 19 via The Ghost is Clear Records, a leading single is available to listen to right now and its captivating video is below. The track “Sorcerer’s Squier” and its accompanying video pack a welcome, blistering dose of energy, hitting like a hailstorm that just does not let up. The unsettlingly intense music delivers a feeling of something in the air around you proving deeply, deeply wrong — but the band don’t stop with just an assessment of the situation, instead sharing intensely captivating music to soundtrack this experience and catapult you beyond just getting stuck in the muck. We might be careening towards hell but it sure doesn’t have to be boring — you can pre-order that soundtrack to our demise at this link.

Musically, “Sorceror’s Squier” definitely packs the earthy, straightforwardly heavy tones associated with hardcore music, but Canyons spin those textures wildly out of control (in a good way) making their new song a whole lot more than just riff-breakdown-riff. Instead, this manic song really gets in your head — it starts out feeling like it’s already melting the skin from your bones, and then at about the 30 second mark the song crashes into more outright chaos as the lyric comes in: “Help us to die!” Just the one and a half minutes of the song are enough to hook you.

The video shares a montage of unsettling scenes from what seems like the general push of American civilization over recent decades, casting the song’s sonic destruction in terms of the real, personally affecting destruction that you’ve only got to flip on the television to see. This isn’t just the most familiar stuff like war (which does make an appearance in the form of footage from a nuclear bomb test towards the beginning), but it’s also inherent in American cultural institutions like intense organized religion that drills in the idea that we must give up our very selves — or else. Throughout the “Sorcerer’s Squier” video, there are a number of appearances from disturbingly charismatic and demanding religious experiences, and everything is bookended by footage making it seem like the whole cascade was seen through a microscope.

It’s hell out there — and in here — but Canyons have got a captivating soundtrack for it all.

Check out the video below — and pre-order their new release now right here! It’s apparently the revived version of some songs they initially got going six years ago and didn’t want to leave for the dustbin.