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Uniform And The Body’s Newest Collab Album Packs Alluring Noise Mania

Available August 16 from Sacred Bones Records and called Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back, the second collaborative full-length record put out by New York’s Uniform and Portland’s The Body rolls out a perfectly bizarre, noisy head trip of sound that is stunningly alluring. Although it’s somewhat buried under their favorite noise-laden experimental waves, throughout the record, the respective projects still establish a somewhat surprising amount of groove. The unlikely combo of sonic dissociation and repetitive catchy metal grooves establishes a sense of pleasure in mayhem, to put it one way. It’s not that they’re sadists, per se — instead, the artists behind this creation simply seem dead set on this release to find a way to have a “good time” with an ominous grin as the world falls apart in their musical vision.

And they don’t hold back in this depiction of struggling for individuality as security flies right out the window — even with those catchy grooves in tow, they freely come in on this new record with moments like the deeply unsettling (but perfectly fitting) track “Waiting for the End of the World.” Situated towards the end of the record, there’s not much of a beat here at all. Instead, there’s a heavy weight of musical atmosphere that here, conveys a feeling of wandering around a frigid, volatile wasteland. Eventually, a voice over comes in sharing an unsettling assertion of religious dominance, which turns this track into an apparent portrait of some kind of post-apocalyptic wasteland. In this fever dream, the world seems to have been brought to its knees by some kind of overly powerful being, or one at least with a lot of force at their disposal. This situation leads into lyrics on the next, final track from Uniform’s vocalist Michael Berdan, who implores for someone to “wake me up” in the wake of an observation that “God created,” and now, “God has destroyed.”

It is not a stretch to say that this whole feeling courses through the “veins” of Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back, which ultimately proves a really fascinating experience. Even as they veer off into tidal waves of controlled but still unhinged musical mania, the two projects behind this release carry their vision of a relentless drive through a looming apocalyptic fog through the entire work.

5/5 Stars

Check out some of the music below: