Eye Flys’ Excitingly Raging New Noisy Sludge Rolls Out Like A Steamroller

Bringing together members of the already vicious bands Full of Hell, Backslider, and Triac, the new project Eye Flys emerges stunningly freshly strong on their debut release Context, which is out September 13 via Thrill Jockey Records. Listening to the music packed in here feels like getting hit with a rockslide — from the very first moment, it’s a wild effort to stay on top of the immensely powerful noise. Where previous efforts from those involved might have felt focused on a kind of cerebral psychosis and mental craze — look to Full of Hell’s 2019 release Weeping Choir as an example — Context hinges on a precisely and carefully executed but still razor sharp, more directly physically palpable anger that’s poised to plow right through whatever’s standing in the way. Context‘s powerful and musically fascinating directness provides for a really thrilling experience.

Considering the lyrics and the ruthlessly no-holds-barred feel of this music, the speaker here apparently knows precisely who they’re angry with and why they’re here in the first place, and it feels time to let it the fuck out, basically. This music proves an extremely effective and poignant way of getting there.

The group deliver a super heavy, sludgy sound that’s sped up to an easily blistering intensity. There’s a ton of sonic thickness built into what they’re doing, and they deliver this element wildly powerfully, with perfect builds up to the really crazy parts that let them land with a gut-clenching thud. You might describe it as sludge metal funneled through hardcore sensibilities, and importantly, the band pack really meaty riffs in there that connoisseurs and those in need of this kind of chaos can really sink their teeth into and savor. There’s a whole bunch of noise packed in here for good measure, too — edges aren’t overly smoothed over, delivering that much more of a “human” feel for this music. More than just something good to mosh to, this music feels like a catalyst for taking the catharsis inherent in a thrilling live music experience and rolling it out further into the “real world.” It’s an amazing grasp of a really close to home facet of extreme metal’s intensity.

5/5 Stars

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