Dive Exclusively Here Into Perdizione & Haxen’s New Split’s Black Metal Devastation

The storied history of black metal’s musical encapsulation of utter devastation continues with vigor in the confines of the new split release from U.S. acts Perdizione and Haxen. Available in full on September 6 via the U.S. label Eternal Death, listen for the first time exclusively below to the madness.

Each band contribute three tracks, and while they’re similarly manic, the respective artists hack themselves out unique places commanding attention on this record.

Perdizione’s songs deliver twisting, grinding black metal that sounds like a drill bit going straight through flesh with enough atmosphere coursing through the songs’ veins for the pain to really land. The tones defining Perdizione’s tracks prove devastatingly bleak, like the feeling of wind landing on your skin after blowing through a frigid wasteland pockmarked with corpses. There’s not just shock at play here — there’s a melodically nuanced descent into ever-increasing levels of destruction. The band extremely effectively unite otherwise potentially disparate threads into a strikingly cohesive monster — while continuously devastated by blast beat chaos, you’re also likely to find a chaotic but fist-pumping stream of melodic ideas to latch onto.

An emotional output might be in question — and indeed, that uncertainty of what’s on the other side of this viciousness might be the point — but you’re damn sure going to feel it.

Haxen fall further down into the pit whose opening Perdizione hack out. The sweeps of grind get even more pronounced and vicious; pouring on more weight following the build delivered by the first tracks, the Haxen songs prove backbreaking. There’s no real escape as the bands both seem to dial into seeing just how metaphysically and emotionally crushing they can make the ideas of raw black metal.

Other upcoming releases from Eternal Death include full-lengths from the U.S. projects Wald Krypta and Death Vanish.

Check out Perdizione and Haxen’s split: