Explore Lavisher’s Intense Newest Immersive Rock Track Exclusively Right Here

The Chicago band Lavisher sound memorably confident on their upcoming debut album Drastic Shadows, which packs the group diving into intense waves of sound with the readily apparent guiding hand of musicians who know their craft. Their intense but simultaneously accessible rock music captures an experience of turning tension into a near irresistible drive forward. Right away on standout track “Garment,” the band’s earnest, emotionally honest music and lyricism gets stuck in your head and stays there. Check out an exclusive first listen below.

The band’s Gavin Cushman III explains of the song:

It’s a response to what I see in the news. There’s no common ground or nuance anymore. I wanted to write something that was mostly smooth throughout and then exploded at the end when I attacked the biggest villain of them all, that being blind, slavish devotion without thought.

It’s true — the band aptly blend smooth melody and straightforward rock intensity into a cohesive, beastly front that feels ready made to confront that “slavish devotion,” which Cushman also addresses in the lyrics. It’s the kind of music you might listen to when confronting some of that endless stream of depressing news Cushman mentions while also refusing to give up — and really, you can apply that drive wherever you like.

The album comes out in full on October 18 via Nefarious Industries. They’re releasing the music digitally and on “eco-wallet” CDs — pre-order at this link or via clicking through to Bandcamp below.

Photo thanks to Myles Arwine

Without further ado — listen to “Garment” below.