Check Out Diploid’s Menacing New Video For ‘Homicidal Art’ Exclusively Here

The Australian band Diploid’s ominously titled new album Glorify comes out on November 22, and the album art exemplifies the sound quite effectively. Like the disconnected spread of images of flowers interspersed with isolated images of human limbs, Diploid’s sound thrashes into whatever territory the band feel fits the craft. You seem as likely to find straightforward grind as you are to find atmosphere-setting waves of menacing noise, and the soundscape comes together in a ghastly reverie.

Get a glimpse — literally — below with an exclusive first look at the video for “Homicidal Art,” which the band released as a single on October 1. The imagery’s menace matches the sounds perfectly — as the band dish out deranged screeds about walking the streets at night and back their twisting vocal journey up with off-kilter grind attacks, the video’s point-of-view progresses down darkened streets before eventually showing a shadow of a cloaked figure holding some kind of weapon on a wall opposite the viewer’s perspective.

The song, like the band’s overall sonic perspective, feels like an incredibly gripping “viscerally real take on mental deterioration,” as info on their Bandcamp profile describes it. In the context of “Homicidal Art,” the emphasis seems squarely focused on the derangement underlying that sonic violence. It’s an experience of heading right up to the very edge of sanity as if that constituted a literal cliff.

You can pre-order the record now at this link. Art As Catharsis is handling digital, and both Black Wire Records and Lacklustre Records are handling vinyl. All three of them are also Australia-based.

Check out the video below:

Photo via Mikhalia Jurkiewicz

Listen to music from Glorify below: