Check Out Into Pandemonium’s Beastly New Blackened Metal Album Exclusively Here

The Midwestern extreme metal group Into Pandemonium deliver a thrillingly beastly exploration of some of the real thrills of darkened chaos on their new record Darkest Rise, which is the group’s debut. Check out an exclusive first listen below!

The band intricately intertwine perfectly bombastic heavy metal riffing with blistering blast beat-driven chaos that feels pulled from the most miserable depths of black metal. At points like the latter portions of their song “Sound of Perfidy,” they also include sinister but darkly regal-sounding atmosphere, where they dial the thickness of their sound back in favor of letting riffs reverberate almost on their own. The results of their combinations — which also include the powerful intricacy of tech death scattered through the mix — feel captivating.

Although each one of their sound’s elements feel rewardingly meaty, the vocal work deserves a special note. Frontman Jordan Scott delivers a grippingly beastly performance including powerfully low gutturals that really memorably top off the roller coaster effect of these songs. The group always performs with fittingly over-the-top energy. On their new album, there are never any moments that sound like hesitation, and that translates into thrills for listeners.

The band share:

Darkest Rise is the result of blood and sweat. We are glad to finally be releasing this record for all to hear after months of rigorous recording! Enjoy our Darkest Rise!

The group have already performed some standout shows including appearances with the Summer Slaughter Tour in their area in both 2018 and 2019. That means they’ve shared the stage with powerhouses like Between the Buried and Me and Cattle Decapitation, and considering the raw energy in their new record, they’ve evidently got a ton of thrills ahead.

Check out the album below! (It officially drops January 31.)