Experience Excitingly Flourishing New Prog Metal From Myth of I Exclusively Here

On April 10, Boston prog metal band Myth of I will drop their self-titled debut full-length album via The Artisan Era. Get an exclusive first listen below to the latest single!

Called “Felix Culpa,” this new song feels like a musical encapsulation of a journey to the kind of extravagant forest suggested by the cover art. Throughout its runtime, the band maintain a stirring forward energy, but they build on their consistent riffs with honestly quite beautiful flourishes like a substantive piano-centric portion towards the middle of the track and repeated blasts elsewhere of disorientingly meandering drum rhythms that feel pulled from contemplative math rock. The song’s core features frantic guitar strumming that feels perfectly tuned to deliver the dynamically swinging energy that the band sound like they’re going for.

The flourishing dynamics suggested by that wide range continue even as the guitar work itself gets a little faster — but the band don’t just deliver heaviness. On this same startlingly cohesive yet varied song, Myth of I also feature jazzy, catchy groove before launching into that piano melody. When these softer elements continue right alongside reintroduced heavy guitar and drum spirals, the band feel like they’ve captured a triumph of rising through a thicket of sonically expressed haze. The song’s dramatically forward conclusion of energetic but careful feeling bursts feels toweringly impressive, Ultimately, “Felix Culpa” feels skyscraping but grounded and dramatic but perfectly accessible, without a real compromise on either end.

The band comment about the album as a whole:

“We feel this album is an authentic representation of both our playing and sound, and we hope it resonates with you all as much as it does with us. We put many years into this project to help shape and redefine what we see to be the next step in the progressive metal scene. It’s an eclectic album with influences from all over the world and is sure to be something you can’t find anywhere else.”

Check out the music below! Preorders featuring merch are at this link while Bandcamp can be found at this link.