Human Impulse Feature Thrilling Noisy Hardcore On Fist-Pumping New Record

The Minneapolis group Human Impulse sound like they’ve captured the feel of a blood-pumping and pretty wildly energetic up close and personal show right from the very first moments of the fist-pumping but strikingly noisy hardcore on their new self-titled release. The record packs energetically intense aggression — with the cacophonous but confidently forward-moving, intermingling guitar and drum performances, the band sound like they’ve given a real personal face to some of the fiercest, most direct hardcore, without sacrificing much any of that core of intensity.

Human Impulse packs an immediately energizing experience that’s going to kick you into motion with the obvious determination wracking the group’s sweat-soaked, energetic performances. At the core, they’re wheeling out streaks of noisy and irreverently chaotic punk rock melodies performed with the ferocity of the most blistering metallic hardcore. They’ve dialed up both the breadth and the energy — their new record feels less like something to listen to from a distance and more like a piece that you’ve just got to immerse in, because that ferocious hardcore is calling loud and clear. On the inside, the band make it clear that their energy keeps going and going.

There’s a lot of captivating variance on the album. From the streaks of grinding guitar that kick off and power standout track “Error Era” through the overall noise punk, there’s just an endless wavering and an endless energy. The core drum and guitar performances sound like they’re constantly shredding back and forth across the spectrum like the songs pack an inescapable set of claws sinking in deep. On track “Reassessed,” everything rolls out with a buzz saw energy topped by menacing, venomously roared vocals. The song packs hardcore that’s been turned pretty wildly demented like it’s been put through an industrial strength meat grinder.

Ultimately, the group’s infectious, rabid determination rocks both the (comparatively) slower and faster parts. You just about can’t help but physically move along to this music – you just can’t. It treads a perfect line: the range from hardcore yell-ridden rowdiness to close-to-the-chest, pulsating emotional release all makes an appearance, like Human Impulse’s album feels ready made to kick back with and rage.

5/5 Stars

Check out the music below! The album art of an expanding skull seems quite on point.