Dive Into A Rocking New Single From Vast Robot Armies Premiering Right Here

On March 31, the intriguingly named and dynamic rock group Vast Robot Armies will be releasing their new album Paper Crown Parade via Dome A Records. It’s an energetic but quite focused ride through intense rock music that’s been turned into an intriguing soundscape and space for emotional contemplation. Get a first listen below to the group’s new single!

Called “The Tiniest Russian Doll,” the new song blends catchy melodies reminiscent of post-punk with the classically post-rock sense of expansive and occasionally atmospheric structures.

The song kicks off with gradually more emotionally dynamic strumming before the supportive, poignant drum rhythm and emotionally raw but subdued vocals come in. The song quickly evolves into very thick, shoegazey tones infused with energy that’s invigorating at the surface but persistently tied to subtly emotionally upending undertones, like streaks of rip currents coursing through the mix. After a minute and a half or so, the band jump back into portions that feel similar to the opener, but this time, the tune feels thicker, and they methodically build on from there.

The new song feels a bit like a moment in the shadow of a storm. Diving into the substantive but insistently forward, sometimes meandering melodies feels somewhat like standing to meditate on tension that’s either just unfolded or will soon. Here, Vast Robot Armies seem subtly disarming in their melodic persistence even through the hints of the more noisy segues pulling at the corners of their song structure. “The Tiniest Russian Doll” feels like both a jam and an emotional dash through hinted-at chaos. They’ve made meditative melody especially emotionally desperate; they’re propelling their bright-feeling melodic core through a strangely real, slightly overcast structure, which feels refreshingly new to experience.

Check out the song below! Nab pre-orders at this link.