Armywives Premiere Thrillingly Moving New Post-Hardcore Jam — Listen Here!

The emotionally fierce New York/Philly-area screamo group Armywives are dropping a deeply moving and physically intense new EP on April 21 via Zegema Beach Records. Get a first listen below to the first single from the self-titled release, called “first you must die to be reborn.”

The sounds and feel of the track deliver big time on the rush of emotional tension suggested in the title. Progressing through the song feels like lurching headfirst into an emotionally torrential experience as Armywives dial up the emotional chaos that feels a bit like a controlled burn streaking across a forest and, perhaps, developing out of control.

Their new song begins with melancholic electric guitar melody with a deep amount of emotional resonance, and the surging desperation-wracked, harshly screamed vocals add to the emotional force. Around the one and a half minute point, the song breaks into a gradually intensifying, sonically thicker performance in which the tension piles up to the point of a startling, almost rabid frenzy. Before the conclusion, there’s a lengthy break back into that solemn, pensive strumming. None of the elements feel like filler — it’s like a spotlight on emotionally chaotic storms of uncertainty.

There’s both a beauty and a rage in the track; the band utilize some cohesive-feeling post-hardcore melody as a backbone, but sometimes, they send their mix through a blender of chaos.

Photo thanks to Rebecca Hower

Check out the song below! And stay connected to the band at this link and Zegema Beach Records at this link so you can hear the rest of the music. The band have been developing their ferocity-infused post-hardcore for around a decade — their currently available back catalog stretches back to a 2010-2014 discography collection on Bandcamp.