New York’s Bore Premiere Brutally Massive Metallic Hardcore Single — Listen Here!

The New York-area metallic hardcore group Bore come out swinging on their new EP Bore II –– pretty much literally, considering the ferocity that’s jam-packed into this record. There’s a consistent, conscientiously orchestrated melodic core at the center of the smackdown that keeps the music moving along with some real power. Get a first listen below to the latest single from Bore II, called “L’appel Du Vide,” which means the “call of the void” and traditionally refers to intrusive thoughts of self-destruction.

The song’s lyrics explore this idea via the notion of ramming one’s car into a lightpole, and the music aptly captures the accompanying sense of an unnervingly persistent, brutal volatility.

Although the band found their craft on streaks of super ferocious hardcore riffing with a metallic, razor edge, any sense of at least the security of familiarity quickly fades away as their eventually rabidly unhinged latest song proceeds. As the song builds up to the one minute mark, the band devolve into sputtering spasms of more abject chaos, held together almost only via the persistent sheer weight of their performances. Bore’s latest work gets even more unhinged-feeling as the song proceeds and any neat boundaries fall further apart, giving way to the heaving blasts of metallic hardcore ferocity. Most of the ending segments of the song focus on a spectacularly brutal, sludgy breakdown that feels like the musical encapsulation of a slow motion car wreck on a loop, as referenced in the lyrics to this sincerely gripping song.

None of “L’appel Du Vide” feels particularly subtle, and the band make the song stick with lacerating ferocity.

Check out the music below! Bore II, which is the group’s second release, drops in full on May 5 via the Brooklyn-based label Small Settlement. Click through for pre-orders.