Australia’s Massic Unveil Excitingly Pummeling New Hardcore Punk Single

The Brisbane, Australia-based Massic sound like they hold absolutely nothing back on their new single “Assimilate,” which has emerged ahead of a planned upcoming second album from the pummeling group. The band utilize ferociously direct, pummeling hardcore riffing, but they make their sound even bigger by opting for the textures of the heaviest metal, including roaring guitar and bass components that feel like serious face-melters.

The group’s latest song, “Assimilate,” opens with and repeatedly features super heavy pummeling from what sounds like a truly sonically unified front from the band. It’s a unified smackdown — somehow, even amidst the ferocious hugeness of the sound, the band have settled on a raw energy that keeps all of the intense pieces moving together. It feels difficult to overstate how seriously heavy that this track really is. The riffing sounds like massive boulders smacking into the earth over and over as the vocalist roars in the background, and the tension as the song grinds on evokes a feeling of even more ferocity lurking just behind the surface.

The band repeatedly deliver on that implicit promise of turning the energy up and up. At around the one minute mark of “Assimilate,” the song devolves into furious riffing that feels like the energy of the previous pummeling has now gotten enveloped into some kind of looming, stormy whirlwind. Around the three minute mark, the band unveils a startlingly awesome mosh call. The vocalist roars: “Fuck your totalitarianism!” and immediately afterward, the music gets somehow even more staggeringly heavy as another huge breakdown comes in. Seriously — how could that not be awesome?

Check out the music below!