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California Band Sweet Tooth Deliver A Captivating Surf Rock Jam On Latest Single

On their new single “Wind Me Up,” the San Diego rock band Sweet Tooth have delivered a poignant rock jam that feels well-suited to play while driving along some isolated, beachside highway with the windows down. In line with that imagery, the feel of the song comes across as pleasantly familiar and inviting. At no point does the group get overwhelmingly intense or sonically oppressive. Instead, Sweet Tooth found their latest song on a steady stream of ensnaring groove that builds up into powerful waves of more direct emotion when the time feels right.

After opening with just about only that groove at the forefront, the music grows into thicker-textured territory around the one minute mark, but the overall free spirit of the song’s energy doesn’t let up. The melodies repeat and feel like they mesh into and out of each other, while the performances feel forwardly casual, like the perfect sonic encapsulation of trying to find some great experience just around the corner. The thicker sound comes back in the closing segments of the song, where the group pushes their casual surf rock-esque sound into some richly immersive crescendos — but by the very end, Sweet Tooth have again dialed back down into softer territory that ends the song on a note of content contemplation.

The closing lyrics drive in the song’s mood quite poignantly and outline the sort of positive experience just around the bend that the group sounds like they’re after. The singer shares: “So won’t you wind me up, my love. I want to feel alright.”

5/5 Stars

Check out the song below! The band have a slew of other singles available, so there’s plenty to dig into.