London Punk Rockers Break Fate Unveil Ensnaring, Soulful Rock Energy On New LP

The London punk rock group Break Fate sound refreshingly forward and ready to take on the world, in a startlingly real sense, on their catchy new song “Fog,” which appears on their now available debut full-length album Ferocity — which seems aptly titled. The band utilize thick-toned, heavy punk rock ferociousness, but it seems difficult to overstate the level of energy that the band include on “Fog” right alongside that heaviness. The energetic melodies that course through the mix turn the music’s experience into an enrapturing, exciting time that delivers the kind of emotional energy that the band have explained guided their thinking behind the song.

The band have stated in press materials that “Fog” is “about hope and overcoming self doubt,” noting that they “wrote this song for times like those we are currently living in right now.” They add: “When nothing around you is going right, we hope this song gives you and whoever listens to it a boost in hope. Even though the fog has settled on you, you are not alone. It’s going to be okay.”

On “Fog,” the band at times sound super energetic, but there’s a real focused energy to the mix that keeps the proceedings running along smoothly and especially captivatingly. They dial up this rich emotional captivating note when towards the conclusion of the song, the band dial back on the intensity of the music and jump into temporarily more soulful singing, which ultimately provides the perfect jumping off point for really fully experiencing the rest of the energy of the song.

The band cite some cutting edge energetic modern day punk rockers including Boston Manor and The Story So Far as influences. Across Ferocity, they include a lot of very personable dynamics, from the contemplative crescendos of guitar strumming on the title track, to the energetic, even triumphant sounding singing that runs throughout the album, to the aggressive yet energetically forward riffing that ties the whole piece together. “Miraculous,” meanwhile, features softer, ballad-like riffing, while on the flip side, the intense ending that the band build into at the conclusion of “Blackout” feels particularly memorable. All of the music sports definitely captivating soulfulness.

5/5 Stars

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