L.A.’s Entry Pack Richly Ferocious Hardcore Punk On Blistering Debut Album

The Los Angeles-based hardcore punk band Entry sound absolutely ferocious on their electric debut album Detriment, which drops on July 17 via Southern Lord Records. The group has founded their craft on an invitingly familiar hardcore punk intensity — there’s absolutely no shortage of energy here, at all. They’ve developed this energy via an array of captivating dynamic flourishes, which help establish the album as a truly immersive and gripping experience, as if the band members are locking listeners into a roller coaster before the songs get going. As for once the songs do get going — hitting play on Detriment sounds reminiscent of turning on a flamethrower.

The songs feature super heavy bass lines, ferociously confrontational guitar riffing, and powerfully blasting rhythms on the drums. There’s a real cohesive ferocity to the sound, and the songs feel developed to the point that there’s not really any empty space — or much of any breathing room — on the record. The songs feature a real thickness alongside a real energy that consistently keeps that thickness propelled forward. The energy feels crisp and invigorating, like it’s strong enough to flatten walls, and rhythms interweave among themselves to the point of adding on a real personal-feeling perspective amidst the haywire hardcore.

Besides the uniquely punching combo of heavy ferocity and endlessly moving intensity, Entry really do include quite an array of dynamics on Detriment — the album’s comparatively brief run time (only two songs surpass two minutes) might conceal the fact that there’s a whole musical world in here. Some of the highlights range from the particularly prominent, heavy bass lines of “Vulnerable” to the full-on musical attack on “Secondary,” which clocks in at under a minute but has enough intensity for a much longer track. From there, the band include highlights like the particularly prominent blasts of guitar rhythm on “Selective Empathy” and the confrontational guitar chugging on “Not Your Decision.”

The band was founded by vocalist Sara Gregory, who hails from the Pennsylvania punk scene, and guitarist Clayton Stevens, who’s also in the prominent post-hardcore group Touché Amoré. The two of them are joined by Sean Sakamoto and drummer Chris Dwyer, both of whom are L.A.-based recording engineers. All of their contributions feel cohesively and perfectly aligned for an invigorating kick.

5/5 Stars

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