Texas Noise Rockers Easy Prey Premiere Invigorating Live Set — Watch It Here!

There’s something powerfully invigorating that gets shared when music fans get the chance to sweat together in a packed bar. We could, perhaps, have been more thankful for the live show experiences when they were more plentiful prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. While we all work on getting back to some semblance of a safe stability, there’s a new live set recording from the Austin noise rockers in Easy Prey that can transport viewers to a perhaps better place. Get a first look at the live set below!

The set was filmed relatively recently at Safehouse, which is a spot in Austin, Texas, which “broadcasts artists’ performances in real time online around the world,” their website explains. The live set that Easy Prey recorded is coming out on the heels of their new EP called Relentless Struggle, which packs six tracks of perfectly calculated noise rock fury. The band’s songs feature a powerful melodic lead running through an enveloping wall of sludgy heaviness. It’s an awesome combination — there’s an ocean of invigoratingly tumultuous heaviness to dive into, and the bursts of melody help chart the path.

Easy Prey’s energy comes across quite powerfully in their newly available live set recording. The band members seem clearly committed to their craft — there’s a helluva lot of readily apparent energy, and it’s just freakin great.

Their live set runs for just over 20 minutes, and it’s a multi-cam presentation, with some really nicely finely tuned audio — Hunter Alexander did some additional mixing, according to the credits.

Check out the set below!

Follow Easy Prey on Instagram at this link and check out the website for Safehouse at this link. Keep scrolling to check out Relentless Struggle in full.

Here’s Relentless Struggle!