Low Praise Premiere Energetically Catchy New Post-Punk Single — Listen Here!

On their new single “Angela,” the Oakland post-punk group Low Praise deliver a catchy contemplation of a clash between concern for the future and those who might prefer to ignore crucial broader perspectives. It’s a post-punk jam that the band members explain was lyrically inspired by the activism of Greta Thunberg, the young Swede who has been working to bring attention to the desperate crisis of climate change. Get a first listen to the new Low Praise song below! 

The song runs on super driving rhythm that delivers a simultaneous helping of catchiness and musical intrigue. All of the instrumentation gets a real chance to shine, from the heavy but inviting rhythm on the drums to the catchy groove and flowing waves of guitar melody. The song has the edge of some classic-feeling punk, but it’s a bit more laid back, at least comparatively – the melodies figure quite prominently in the song construction in an invitingly classic-feeling post-punk sense. The song also features a nice middle ground between crisp production and the sprawling energy of a classic-feeling punk jam. 

The music seems to tie in quite nicely to the subject matter of the song. It’s not oppressive-feeling and inescapable, but there’s a definite portrait of some anxiety that shines through the repeatedly reverberating components of the track. “Angela” delivers a strong presentation – there’s a lot to dig into, from the music to the lyrics.

The band explains: “This song was inspired by seeing Greta Thunberg’s initial efforts to draw attention to climate change, seeing how she was disregarded and even mocked by the media and older generations. Angela is a young girl surrounded by older people constantly telling her to lighten up, smile and to go play with her friends. Angela has trouble finding joy because of her level of self-awareness of the state of the world her generation is inheriting.”

It’s a tough conflict — it’s often hard to find spots of brightness amidst the chaos of the world, especially lately. The cathartic energy of music like “Angela” from Low Praise provides a nice place to start. At least we’ve got honesty.

Photo via Rob Williamson

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Check out the song below!