Apocalyptic Noise Syndicate Pack Raging Grindcore On Fiery New Jams — Listen Here!

Texas grindcore group Apocalyptic Noise Syndicate will be releasing their quite staggering debut full-length album on Oct. 2 via Roman Numeral Records. Get a first listen below to the latest double single from the release, including the tracks “Debt Slave” and “Neverending Intervention.” Together, the two tracks clock in at about two and a half minutes.

The music packs maniacal menace. There’s definitely a classic-feeling buzzsaw riff and blast beat-driven vibe, but the songs also feel surprisingly close to the chest, as if Apocalyptic Noise Syndicate have made the experience of their music’s chaos surprisingly personal. The subtle dynamic shifts that the group includes in their vitriol-laced, caustic sonic palette feel powerful, like listening captures some of the feeling of some real world weight of the apocalyptic and technocratic mayhem dealt with in the album’s themes.

In short — within a grindcore framework, Apocalyptic Noise Syndicate don’t have long to make their mark, and they more than deliver on these new tracks. It’s not just energy; the riffs pack a staggering upheaval.

On the first track in the mix, after about 30 seconds, the group wheels out some powerful blasts of solo-worthy riffing. The slightly more restrained pace doesn’t stick around, as Apocalyptic Noise Syndicate quickly up the ante of the mix with an increasingly intense rhythm that feels like an unstoppable machine.

The second track kicks off with a ferocious, galloping rhythm, and the intensity of the band’s performance quickly spikes quite dramatically yet again. As the blast beat-driven chaos rages on, the group keeps their music grounded in the absolutely relentless energy of their powerful riffing. The pummeling and galloping rhythms feel like reflections of unstoppable-feeling interpersonal forces that threaten to tear us apart.

You can order Manufactured Dreams, the debut album from Apocalyptic Noise Syndicate, at this link.

Listen below!