Hypnodrone Ensemble Premiere Jazzy New Experimental Rock Single — Listen Here!

Hypnodrone Ensemble will be dropping their new album Gets Polyamorous digitally on Oct. 23 and on vinyl on Oct. 30 via Wolves And Vibrancy Records. The record features psychedelically-inflected experimental rock, which at first listen, feels quite experiential, like a musical step right into the blooming garden scene depicted on the album’s cover. Well outside of convention, the rhythms flow freely, like flowers finding their own ways towards the sky.

Get a first listen below to the group’s new single “Choc Oblique.”

The song packs a smooth jaunt through jazzy experimental rock, as if it’s the soundtrack to walking through a park on a warm summer day while a jazz band plays at an outdoor restaurant in the background. The rhythms repeat and build across the song, in a manner connected to krautrock, and the song packs a helluva lot of dynamics, although it’s not inaccessible.

The song begins with some immersively atmosphere-heavy groove that hinges on a steady rhythmic bassline and some soft cymbal hits. There’s an ethereal and somewhat ritualistic-feeling persistence in the somewhat percussive rhythm, as if it reflects some fleeting supernatural force. As the song proceeds, the bassline’s pace picks up, and by just before the two and a half minute mark, more overt hits from the drums emerge, with a steady build in intensity throughout the entire breadth of the performance. A current of harsh but not overly abrasive ambiance steadily grows as the song proceeds, and arriving at the subtly triumphant conclusion feels like some hidden summoning ritual is nearing its end — but it’s a positive. There’s not really any dread here; just a smooth procession towards peaceful psychological release.

Gets Polyamorous includes a total of fifteen musicians, who perform on a range from traditional rock band instruments to a kalimba, which is an idiophonic type of instrument that originated in Africa. Aidan Baker (of Nadja and Noplace Trio) and Eric Quach (of Thisquietarmy) form a consistent backbone for Hypnodrone Ensemble, alongside many skillful collaborators.

Pre-order Gets Polyamorous at this link.

Listen to “Choc Oblique” below!