Convulsif Premiere Electrifying New Experimental Post-Metal Track — Listen Here!

The music of the Swiss group Convulsif sounds like little — if anything — else. The band will be dropping their fifth full-length album, called Extinct, on Oct. 23 via Hummus Records. Get a first listen below to the band’s latest single, “Buried Between One.”

“Buried Between One” clocks in at a little over seven minutes, and there are no vocals on the track — but one might not even notice, since there’s such a startling level of allure in the music. Convulsif infuse ambitiously sludgy post-metal with erratic and richly experiential rhythms, and their music also includes a clarinet and violin, which together give a jazz-like aesthetic to their work, especially in the more breathable segments when those non-metal elements can really shine.

The rhythms themselves feel somewhat jazz-like, as if Convulsif capture the sound of a world-weary metal band who have ended up performing in a smoke-filled jazz club. On “Buried Between One,” Convulsif present a remarkably unique musical perspective that also carries an enrapturing air of esoteric and metaphysical exploration, as if listening constitutes stepping into some kind of dream world in which pieces of the scenery can be wistfully rearranged on a whim. “Buried Between One” carries a striking level of cohesion — for all the uniqueness of the band’s musical imprint, Convulsif flow gracefully and organically between extremes. This smooth flow in the music makes this new track feel extra gripping, since the song’s experience seems less able to simply be held at a distance.

“Buried Between One” starts out with repetitious percussive riffing, which continues on throughout the background of the track. Convulsif steadily introduce new elements to this musical backbone: just before the two minute mark, drums slowly kick in, and what sounds like that clarinet weaves in and out of focus as the cacophony grows. By just after the halfway point, the drum rhythms have become steady and relatively unbroken, and the conclusion of the song features a flurry of blistering drum rhythms spiraling out towards the listener in a moment of strangely blissful chaos.

The band poignantly shares: “‘Buried Between One’ is the opener of the album – a slow & sturdy rock track bearing tons of distortions. The song is made between more than one influence, namely amongst sludge, stoner, and industrial. A worthy start for the expedition to all the fauna, futures, and follies that have ceased to exist.”

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Without further ado — listen below!