Cower Premiere Richly Invigorating New Sludgy Noise Rock Single — Listen Here!

The U.K.-based noise rockers Cower drop their debut full-length album, Boys, on Nov. 27 via the also U.K.-based label Human Worth. Cower includes Gareth Thomas from USA Nails and Silent Front; Wayne Adams from Petbrick, Death Pedals, and Big Lad; and Thomas Lacey from Yards and The Ghost of a Thousand.

Get a first listen below to the trio’s new single “Park Jogger,” which packs a formidable, staggering slab of sludgy yet melody-bound noise rock.

“Park Jogger” packs a sizable sonic journey. The song kicks off with a billowing cloud of menacing riffing, with soulful yet airy vocals ominously wafting through the background. Just after the one-minute mark, the track moves into a drum-focused rhythm, which gradually and smoothly fades out, as if capturing the end of a rainstorm. The riffing across the latter half of the track feels somewhat surprisingly bright and subtly triumphant, as if the rhythms capture the soundtrack of sun cracking through a thick blanket of storm clouds.

There’s plenty of feedback-y haze across the entirety of the mix — the sense of riff-driven triumph doesn’t feel unwarranted or disconnected from what came before. Instead, the song packs a feeling of a cohesive journey of hassling around in some metaphorical muck and suddenly becoming awash with a deeply reverberating, sternly inescapable clarity. The brightly direct energy in the jostling rhythms helps outline some of the surrounding muck.

Ten percent of the proceeds from Boys are going to The Hackney Foodbank, which is a charitable organization in London. Human Worth made a total of 150 copies of Boys available on marbled gold vinyl. Pre-order the record at this link.

Featured Image via Keira Anee Photography

Listen to “Park Jogger” below! (If there is an issue with displaying the track, please refresh the page and/ or wait a moment.)