Boston Noise Rockers BEDTIMEMAGIC Premiere Ripping New Video — Watch/ Listen Here!

Boston-area groups BEDTIMEMAGIC and Greylock are uniting for a powerful new split record that drops on Feb. 12 via Rhode Island’s Tor Johnson Records on cassette. Greylock perform a menacing and rather pummeling doom, while BEDTIMEMAGIC stick to frenzy-infused noise rock that feels like an exhilarating, nihilism-leaning look at raw desperation. On their split, each group covers a song from the other’s catalog, among their own creations.

Via a newly available video, get a first listen below to “shuteye,” a searing BEDTIMEMAGIC track from the split.

In terms of song structure, BEDTIMEMAGIC take an intriguingly grindy route on the track, which clocks in at under a minute, although there’s still a familiarly distorted, noisy rock sound rather than a sharp metallic edge. Thus, “shuteye” sounds like blisteringly fast noise rock rather than a grindcore statement of purpose.

The song feels confrontational and aggressively intense as the duo careens through their lightning strikes of riffing, and atop this foundation, the performances on “shuteye” feel remarkably compelling. There’s a real heaving energy in the inescapably urgent sound, and — rather than some kind of otherworldly or semi-apocalyptic vibe — the song carries an air of personal desperation. It’s like the sound of an emotional breakdown, with a real freedom in the track that feels invigorating. They really don’t hold back. BEDTIMEMAGIC stepped well beyond the point of presenting a distant view of the stormy sound — instead, they’ve flown their metaphorical plane straight into the side of the lightning-streaked storm cloud, and it’s rather powerfully wild.

Pre-order the heavy-hitting BEDTIMEMAGIC/ Greylock split digitally via this link and on cassette via this link.

Featured image via Coleman Rogers

Check out “shuteye” below!