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Italy’s Repetita Iuvant Premiere Stirring New Ambient Post-Rock Track — Listen Here!

“Metloping” — a brand new track from the Italian ambient post-rock group Repetita Iuvant — sounds (at least in large part) like basking in the glow of a sunny afternoon and feeling at ease. The song delivers a refreshing current of energy like that which might come with that experience, as though capturing a subtle jolt of inward confidence with which to move forward.

Get a first listen to “Metloping” below! The track appears on 3+1, a forthcoming EP from Repetita Iuvant that is slated to release on June 18 via Loudnessy Sonic Factory. 

Structurally speaking, “Metloping” seems generally straightforward, with gently swaying melodies that build in simmering intensity across its runtime. Overall, the track feels inviting thanks to relatively bright and shimmering tones that define the journey. The group includes two guitarists (Cristoforo Da Costa and Daniele Isetta) alongside a drummer (Andrea Testa), and their performances seem crisp yet warm, carrying a steadily expanding sense of clarity and evoking a feeling like exploring a teeming natural environment full of life.

There’s an impression of security — no tumult, no storms, just welcoming, refreshing warmth. The soundscape that Repetita Iuvant explores across “Metloping” sounds full of colorful flowers getting softly rustled by a persistent rhythmic breeze.

“Metloping” features a largely contemplative pace, like the sound of a steadily flowing stream. The melodies across “Metloping” are richly poignant and suggest a peaceful trek through life, while the persistence of the band’s performance helps ensure that there are no cracks. As the music grows, there’s a sense of quiet passion in those melodies, and with its consistent, steadily growing forward movement, “Metloping” delivers a sense of completeness alongside that emotion.

“We chose ‘Metloping’ as a preview because it is the shortest and most structured track on 3+1, our new EP, and the only one closest to the song-form,” Repetita Iuvant share. The group is planning a full-length album to follow 3+1, which itself follows their debut EP called 3 that merged in late 2020.

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Check out “Metloping” below!