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Brave Arrows Premieres Powerful New Atmospheric Metal Track — Listen Here!

“Black Salt” — the latest single from Ohio artist Mike Socrates of the post-rock group If These Trees Could Talk — lands with a swiftly captivating burst of energy, drawing listeners into its richly dramatic push forward. Here, Socrates is performing under the Brave Arrows moniker, and “Black Salt” appears on the upcoming Brave Arrows release The Plagues, which drops Sept. 10 via Post. Recordings.

Below, get a first listen to the enriching new single!

Blending a kind of classic alt-metal vibe with what seem like post-metal sensibilities, “Black Salt” sounds like it reflects worry, unrest – and hope. It seems to operate in that familiar everyday emotional space in which feelings collide in uncertain measure, and the track compassionately reflects this experience, finding solid ground within it upon which to launch forward.

“Black Salt” proves heavy, yet catchy, consistently bounding ahead with its impactful weight. It’s got a physicality to it, suggesting some kind of real-world environment – as if it’s the soundtrack to a rockslide – but it’s also quite breathable and accessible, remaining grounded in compelling emotion. The guitar tones are thick but definitely not overwhelming — instead, there’s a stability to the endeavor upon which the rest of the track’s journey can be experienced. Within this song, there’s space to really appreciate the shapes of the rhythms, which sound firmly put together.

The song does feel fiery at times, although not overpoweringly so. “Black Salt” alternates between gusty sections and more restrained moments, making the heaviness like a poignant, enrapturing atmosphere in which to immerse. It’s energizing, vibrant, and even subtly anthemic.

The energy lasts, it lingers – it’s a chest-thumping, free-flowing song, like the sound of crawling out from a dusty fog with renewed ambition.

Pre-order the digital edition of The Plagues at this link, and find CD copies of the upcoming release from Post. Recordings at this link.

Listen to “Black Salt” below! (If there is an issue with displaying the track, please refresh the page and/ or wait a moment.)

Post. Recordings · Brave Arrows – Black Salt