The Introvert Premieres New Electronic/ Shoegaze Track — Listen Here!

On June 3, Post. Recordings and dunk!records will release Carry The Bomb, Carry The Power, a new album from The Introvert — a multi-faceted, synth-central project from Jeremy Galindo of This Will Destroy You. (The Introvert has been tagged as things like ambient and shoegaze.) “Twin Points,” a track from the album, guides listeners into the sound of a facilitated confrontation with their emotions — the things hidden in the back of the mental closet that might get pushed aside. The consistent force in the track means you get placed into the song’s trek at a point when it feels like it’s already been going for awhile — amplifying its impact.

Check out the song below! First, here’s a review:

Listening to the song, you feel spiritually lightweight — as though fog suddenly filled the room and is gently lifting you to the sky, loosening your sense of what you know to be real as it goes. The tension that could be suggested by the unknown that’s inherent in the long march forward the track evokes appears at least partly washed away by the commitment to life this musical journey reflects. Even though this track could get, well, sadder, it’s not quite there — instead, Galindo stakes this song in what sounds to me like trying to move on from the sadness, and it’s rejuvenating. (At one point, it even seems to say: “Don’t cry.”)

It’s as if more threatening elements and moments have been painted over — you know they’re out there in the realms of existence, and yet, what’s here is this elevating sense of warmth. It provides an opportunity for rest — and you end up clinging to that sense of rest like it’s a piece of suspiciously stable driftwood and you’re floating in a seemingly never-ending ocean.

There’s what one could call an aftertaste of tension in the methodical, slower-paced track — it’s a sound like emerging from a period of quiet seclusion. The presentation appears somber, suggesting long-lasting emotional ache in the rhythms, which could be imagined to creak like long unused floorboards — but it’s consistently pushing into the light. “Twin Points” certainly seems to chart a path of emotional release — and it’s careful about it, although the textures comprising the song bring a cinematic breadth to mind.

It strikes, quite simply, a remarkably pointed balance between how intensely expansive it might have gotten and something that remains planted in place — “Twin Points” rests somewhere personal, infused with the knowledge and confidence of a wise voice like would be behind a captivatingly told story.

This interpretation, it’s worth noting, largely hinges on the sounds and snippets of the lyrics. As always, other imaginings of the song’s journey could fit.

Pre-order Carry The Bomb, Carry The Power by The Introvert from Post. Recordings at this link and dunk!records at this link. Find The Introvert on Bandcamp at this link.

Listen to the song below! (If there’s an issue with displaying the track, please wait and/ or reload the page.)