Florida’s Fero Lux Presents An Energetic Yet Compassion Driven Mathcore For 2018

Looking around, you’ve got no shortage of political opinions, including, at times, inside the music community. It’s not as though we are in dire need of someone to express something political.

That makes the creations of the Florida mathcore unit known as Fero Lux even more welcome. The band shares sociopolitical concerns in their music, but those concerns aren’t based in a rigid, broad agenda for listeners to follow. Instead, the band, in the end, considers sociopolitical issues of our day because they’re concerned with being compassionate, and in that light, that’s the only “agenda” they might be concerned with having their listeners follow.

As David, the guitar player for the band, puts it: “That’s really what would matter more, is that everyone takes their own initiative to go and take the steps necessary to be compassionate or vote in a way that’s good for everyone — in a compassionate way.”

He further explains: “Since day one, we’ve always had sociopolitical things [in our music]. We don’t want to just talk about girlfriends or something like that — I mean it happens but far and few between, but it really doesn’t happen that often… We’re more motivated by trying to help bring to light some things that bother us and also hope that people use compassion and evidence to move forward in positive and moral ways.”

To that end, the band released an EP early in 2018 called Cheap Funeral: For You, and they’ve got another four song EP they’re hoping to release late in 2018. All of the songs were recorded at the same time, they just decided to split them up into two parts.

On the EP released early in 2018, the band included a track called “Revenge Films” that bluntly addresses some of the issues acutely facing modern society.

Of that track, David explains: “[Victor, the vocalist] is just letting off some steam about some real stuff that actually bothers him that he is directly affected by on a regular basis — not every bit of it, obviously, he doesn’t exactly deal with KKK on any kind of regular basis obviously, but those are things that he concerns himself with — and actually we all do. In the band, it’s kind of a daily thing that we keep up on. We always keep ourselves involved in the things that are happening, and it does drive the band.”

He continues: “It’s also on a personal level, it’s not like we leave it there, it’s not like we go and write songs for Fero Lux and then it stays there and we go home and have a great time all the time and never think about these things ever again. It’s a daily part of our lives. So it is personal at the same time it’s political.”

The bleeding of personal concerns into some of the band’s latest work is born from a more naturalized approach to songwriting; David says that the band “didn’t go for anything” this time around. He doesn’t find the new approach to necessarily be an improvement on old methods the band has employed; it was more just something new to try for the time being.

As the rest of the end products of the more natural Fero Lux writing sessions await release, fans can catch the band at shows up and down the East Coast of the United States during summer 2018, including a stop at the Mathcore Indexfest up in New York in mid-July.

Of that show, David comments: “It’s great that they want us to do that and play with them and we’re happy to do it. We appreciate that they have such a catalog and care about such a thing and that they want us to be a part of it.”

If you happen to be going to that show or any other one Fero Lux will soon be at, get prepared by checking out their newest EP below.