Captured Howls is a project of Caleb Newton (yours truly).

For over eight years, I’ve written in various places online. I have extensive experience in interviewing, alongside writing reviews and news pieces.

I strongly believe in the inherent value of much of the art — whether visual or another form — that you’ll find out there. Though you’ll see — for now — reviews on this site with a number grade attached, that’s just for convenience, and I’m not including any such ratings anymore. If it’s here, I like it.

So regarding what you will find, it’s going to be a little bit of everything. My interests in music (where my arts/culture journalism started) are wide-ranging, from passionate pop to comprehension-challenging noise and grindcore. Though these elements are newer, you’ll also find coverage of historical and current movies etc. alongside other forms of art, like some of the interesting painting and sculpture exhibitions always found around NYC.

Though I took a bit of a break from this, my unifying interests through all of that — and the writing posted here — remain the same: “stories untold elsewhere.” Captured Howls is about uncovering the perhaps underappreciated meanings and implications of art both familiar and unknown. Whether via reviews, interviews, news coverage, or some so far undiscovered form of grammatical entertainment, we’re trying to connect with the process of art — art that in reality is just another form of critical communication bringing us all closer together whether ridiculous, profound, or both.

Get in touch at newtoncalebr@gmail.com.

Header photo by Filippo Andolfatto on Unsplash