Three New, Spring 2018 Heavy Music Releases That You Should Know About

There’s an abundance of new music out there for eager listeners to dig into; every week brings another round of new releases. Even if your preferred style of music doesn’t exactly have the largest audience, digging into the recesses of Spotify or Bandcamp can still yield rounds and rounds of new music.

Here are three new heavy releases that you should know about this July.

Secret Cutter — Quantum Eraser

Are you a fan of energy packed, noisy music that defies easy categorization? If so, Quantum Eraser is a good fit for you. It’s not just empty talk to say that it’s heavy; the vocalist for the band, who goes by Ekim, quipped that once the album is over, “then you can breathe.” It’s a step above breakdown laden heaviness where the aim seems to be to go as low as possible; instead, it’s simultaneously all over the place and a gloriously enveloping musical experience.

Vein — errorzone

The new album from Vein may have a bit of a higher profile than the one from Secret Cutter — and it’s been out for a little longer, having been released June 22 — but if you haven’t heard it yet, you should. It is a little more open than Quantum Eraser, but only a little. It’s a jittery joyride through twisted musical visions that’s furious but ties itself together with a beautiful flourish. errorzone is super energetic and heavy, blasting off song after song of material to get stuck in your head.

Converge — Beautiful Ruin

We’re going from the perhaps least known band to the probably most known among these three. In case you missed it, on June 29, 2018, Converge dropped a four song release called Beautiful Ruin, named after one of the song titles. The EP is classic Converge; it’s the concluding bit of the material recorded during the production process for The Dusk In Us, the band’s 2017 full length album. Front man Jacob Bannon has talked about being somewhat over keeping his musical creations to himself — just check out his Wear Your Wounds project — so this release fits in with that. He and his band mates have fine tuned their craft over time, intertwining memorable melody and boiling energy.

There are plenty more heavy releases besides these that have come out in early 2018, and there are plenty more set for the rest of the year.