The Amnesia Cycle’s ‘Pathways’ Blends Melody & Atmosphere Into An Elevated Mix

The Amnesia Cycle debut LP Pathways, released September 2018, presents an intriguing sonic landscape. At the same time, though, the art seems to also be getting at a point that there’s music in everything, so to speak. Hidden at times away in that broad soundscape – made to feel even more broad and expansive thanks to the complete absence of lyrics – there are some striking sonic concepts and melodies and the like.

As fast – and cleanly – as the release jumps into guitar driven melodies, it’s back at the soundscape side of its existence. In that way, its construction is almost surprisingly engaging. At once, it feels like a rock album, an almost sort of ambient work, and at times, many things in between. It almost feels constructed like an inviting but complex dream.

Importantly, through it all, there’s a strong sense of flow. There’s no disjointed sensation, which helps the artist drive their perceived point home. There’s a sense of, well, personality to the work, which makes it more effective in its space than if it felt more specifically concerned with pressing the boundaries of music. Going out on a limb as the artist has in making instrumental post rock, that personality has got to be there for there to be a spark, and it shines through beautifully on Pathways.

In its space, there’s just plenty to explore. For a lyric-less album, it’s strikingly engaging and a good reminder of just how much there is out there to explore in the first place. There’s a lot to take in via Pathways.

5/5 Stars

Listen below via Spotify.