R-13 Presents The Perfect Soundtrack To Your Horrifying Space Vacation On ‘Space Opera’

If a zombie apocalypse had a soundtrack, it might be somewhat like the new R-13 release, Space Opera. That might be somewhat gimmicky to say, but it captures some of the release’s essence – and really, with a work like this, it’s thrillingly difficult to get far beyond that in words. The piece sounds intentionally epic. 

The release is an experimental noise work, but that too fails to sum up its entirety. There’s a ton more to it than experimentation with noise, feeling instead like it encapsulates a story within its confines – which is all the more remarkable considering there aren’t really any lyrics.

The story – and work itself – feels immensely complex, and it’s going to need repeated listens to even begin to truly get the hang of, although there’s certainly plenty that jumps out at first listen.

The impact of the work is just pretty much inescapable. Whereas other pieces that might be grouped similarly fall into – and perhaps effectively use – repetition, Space Opera does not. Neither does the release fall into forgettable obscurity through relying too much on brute musical experimentation or blind extremity to make its overall “point.”

No, instead, if you go into this work with an open mind and understand what you’re getting into, you’re probably going to have a good time. It’s reminiscent of a thriller movie soundtrack, or perhaps the soundtrack to something like Stranger Things – although again, that description doesn’t encapsulate its entirety either, since there’s more to Space Opera texture wise than there is to most soundtracks.

The release, in the end, doesn’t need a movie or film production to be complete. Instead, it is – in its own way- the movie. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

5/5 Stars

Listen below via Bandcamp.