ADNATE Demand Grandiose Heavy Music Fans’ Attention Via 2018 EP ‘Neo-Dryas’

ADNATE force you to pay attention with their 2018 release Neo-Dryas, out now. They’ve forged a path all their own that introduces itself to the listener with a glorified glimmer of musicianship before launching into the sludge-filled depths with a thrilling ride.

There’s a true sense of grandiosity inherent in making one’s way through the band’s work. They’ve taken the idea of a soundscape to an extreme – some of the lyrics presented towards the beginning of Neo-Dryas (and elsewhere on the record) even deal with natural world-oriented themes, interestingly enough.

Still, the punch ADNATE carries rests with much more than their lyrical content. They’ve got no qualms about taking their work wherever they please, but there’s not exactly an overwhelming punk feeling energy. Instead, they relate their ambition through an approach that traverses over every step of the merciless landscape between their mountains of sonic drive.

There’s a wide range for them to travel – and drag the listener through – too. They present everything from almost classic feeling furious sludge metal to quiet, meditative piano playing. They’re just as likely to present as interested in dark folk themes as they are to seem keen on maniacal riffing. Other artists use plenty of their elements, but not many, if any, use them in quite the same fashion. ADNATE tie these concepts together with their own unique connective tissue, presenting a tense but expansive electronic backdrop at some points, for instance.

There are, again, lyrics on the record, but they’re not overwhelming or the focus. They fit into a broader picture. Somewhat like the style of prominent post-metal acts Aaron Turner has been associated with, they make an appearance only for the band to soon go back into lengthy drawn out instrumental parts. The voice remains an instrument, and considering the band’s presentation, a ton more elements are “instruments” too. They sound like they find music in nearly anything, drawing out a truly and almost surprisingly affecting path.

5/5 Stars

Listen below, via Bandcamp