Sky Flying By Play Pristine Minimalist Post Rock On Newest Full Length ‘(Re)Routed’

Sky Flying By play a beautiful minimalist post-rock on their newest release (Re)Routed that takes the listener gently in its hand and along for a calming ride. The work treads the line between gentleness and substance in a fascinating fashion, proving that there doesn’t need to be a cascade of sound for the listener to “feel something.” Although the artist hardly presents a twisting panoply of sound, their willingness to go outside the box, so to speak, lets the listener retain a feeling of wonder that’s often found in great music. The artist feels as though they expertly stay away from any tired tropes associated with music on the softer side and instead present a work that’s ready to be the soundtrack to your life — at least for the hour or so that you’ve got it playing.

Stepping into the newest Sky Flying By record feels like stepping not necessarily into an entirely new world but rather, like stepping into a part of your own world that you’ve been longing to get to. There’s a gentleness and a comfort to the sound, while it maintains that aforementioned and important driving substance at the same time. The music — strikingly enough, considering how minimalist it feels at times — binds with the listener, hanging onto them while they’ve got it playing and letting them see — or hear — the world around them a little differently. Sometimes, that’s precisely what we need — a little metaphorical voice in our ear pointing us the right direction.

Sky Flying By (which is the project of one man, David Palmer) provide as much on their newest release. The record at hand zeroes in on the quiet tones hidden between the tones that might be more obvious while making a way through any given record or just life in general. (Re)Routed draws a significant amount of its strength from the purity of sound that it presents. Each segment of sound plays an important part in the overall picture, so the record nicely takes a place among available music, particularly post-rock.

Listen below via Bandcamp