Rozu Trailblaze Their Way Through Modern Post-Hardcore With Poignant Debut Singles

Rozu’s music feels like a thrilling roller coaster both in its sound and its emotional presentation, which ends up figuring prominently. As of early December, they’ve “only” got two tracks out, but neither sound like a band struggling to get ahold of their sound. Both on a broad level as a band and in each of their individual songs, Colorado’s Rozu waste no time jumping into the depths of their smooth but wildly intense sound.

The songs grab onto a personality all their own that’s communicated through the decidedly individualistic lyrics delivered in an accessible but loud style and the music itself, which also feels accessible thanks to its sheen — and yet remains incredibly substantive and easily takes wild turns.

The band explain that this feature of their sound comes from their own very real aims to establish themselves as artists. Defining their brand with the phrase “a rose will bloom” and having a debut EP on the horizon, Rozu vocalist Tim Graham explains: “Really what is our primary goal is to just continue to write good music and never disappoint ourselves. We have the right group of dudes here and an amazing team behind us. A rose will bloom is a statement of us coming out of the ashes from all these bands we have been in that just weren’t the fit — and something beautiful is to come from this project.”

As has been often cited in explorations of the complexity of life, roses have thorns — a fitting note since Rozu pack harsh sidesteps full of monstrous energy in their songs.

Their music feels refreshing in large part because they zero in on their individuality in the midst of all of these twisting factors. They don’t sound like they’re aiming to craft something specifically metalcore, or hardcore, or post-hardcore, or anything else, and they easily move between styles.

In the end, their aims feel as much with letting themselves shine as artists as with a particular final product. Their heavy music maintains welcome personality.

Check the band out below.