France’s Sofy Major Play In A Unique Noise Rock Groove On Newest Record

France’s Sofy Major play some of the grooviest noise rock that’s come through in awhile on their new Corpse Flower Records full length Total Dump. The tracks feel like they really highlight the possibly sometimes latent capabilities of the style to provide for a straightforward good time.

Even the vocal style contributes to this accessibility, since most of the vocal work found on the record falls far on the cleaner side of the spectrum while still packing plenty of rough edges. Each element contributes to a feeling of being able to just fall in the record like a pool or flow with the music like you’re in the crowd at a show. The music jumps right into being almost anthemic, like you can sing and pump your fists along to these tracks wherever you’re actually at when taking in the music.

Importantly, keeping the music squarely in the underground and within the parameters of alternative music listeners, Sofy Major never lose sight of a rapidly spinning noisy core while making their way through their various snapshots of irreverence. They never trade accessibility and even “fun” for musical chops. Total Dump feels like a cake with a hard candy center, or like eggnog with all of the alcohol poured in. The band fully embrace their apparent aims on their newest effort, letting every sonic concept have its place while weaving them into a broader exploration of just what their music can do.

The music itself almost feels like it takes the listener wherever they want to go, forming itself to the emotional bursts contained in the lyrics while not restricting itself to a particular path. The band’s riffs and musical passages feel overall open ended — they’re less concerned, it feels, with hitting a particular isolated musical high point and more concerned with having their music come alongside themselves (and their audience). To that end, the biting bass lines and beyond that they do include in their music when it gets down and dirty feel perfectly fitting, as do the almost ethereal, triumphant rock passages that pop up throughout Total Dump. The record’s a beast, but it’s one that can be understood and even demands as much.

5/5 Stars

Listen below via Bandcamp.The full record releases Jan. 25.