Aneurysm’s Debut Full Length Twists And Turns With Raucous Noise Rock Energy

Aneurysm’s musical energy seems to abide by few if any boundaries on their debut full length Awareness, which has apparently been a long time coming. They play an almost infectious, relentless brand of noise rock that just never lets up and yet still proves intriguing. Concurrent to their energy, they offer a reimagined take on song construction, letting the listener think they know what’s coming just long enough to completely upend their expectations — and then do it again and again. Music that’s so relentlessly loud and pushes structural boundaries doesn’t often end up so damn catchy — yet here we are.

The band feel like they’re less focused on particular stylistic aims and more attuned to the needs of the basic musical ideas they’re working with. They’ve peeled away lots of trappings they might otherwise get lost in, and delivered an in-your-face musical shock that gets right to the point. Ironically enough considering their sprawling style, their tunes feel blunt (and somehow also danceable). They’ve captured some of the raw energy that’s at the core of an exciting musical experience to the point of their new record feeling like a snapshot of easily imagined awesome shows this band put on.

Their music feels very transferable, in the sense that it could just as easily be the soundtrack to southern California anxiety as it could portray the turmoil of living in industrialized New York City or London. While feeling at home telling these stories — including what’s packed into the raucously delivered lyrics — there’s a pervading anxiousness that transcends simple short-term life situations that keeps the record going. This music isn’t just a short-term fix or a one-off spectacle that’s nice for a moment but then dissipates.

An undercurrent of tension pulls the listener and the music a particularly memorable direction. Aneurysm feel so energetic at times that the “point” of their music feels less like the energy itself and more like the long term moods at play. One can really easily lose themselves in this music and just let it wash over them, finding some kind of new powerful spot to operate in that’s just a lot of fun.

5/5 Stars

Check out a track off Awareness below. The full length releases 2/1 via constant disappointment records.