Denmark’s Twin Dive Premiere Debut Single’s Dynamic And Catchy Punk Rock

The Denmark-based dynamic rock group Twin Dive have premiered their almost immediately catchy first single, available to listen to below. Called “Joy Will Follow,” the driving tune takes a gritty but totally accessible punk rock path, offering the listener a chance to really dive in and embrace the “message” the band are getting at. Their music is heavy, but open-ended, and similarly, the vocal work their song sports has a great depth while at the same time proving engaging and high-hitting.

As its title suggests, the song focuses on a particularly forward leaning twang of human emotion. Rather than just being grounded in some kind of static, perhaps overly idealistic wonderland, the music feels like a fitting expression of reaching towards the light, so to speak, telling a story of getting turned around from dismal circumstances where the focus is on the turnaround.

The music utilizes contrasts in the service of a greater whole, laying out a whole web of them that get the listener’s body and mind moving. On the top level, the catchy rock instrumentation and the vocal work both get their own time to shine, and lower down in that music itself, Twin Dive present their ideas sparingly but with plenty of force to ensure they leave a mark.

Infectious confidence letting you rise above pretty much whatever you’ve got in front of you permeates “Joy Will Follow,” which has an accompanying video featuring the band members in various visually striking scenes in Denmark. The band members themselves, including Robert Jancevich and Ragnar ‘Raggi’ Gudmunds, are from the nearby countries of Lithuania and Iceland, and there’s a hint of their geographical background in the music itself. It feels colored with a sort of huskiness you might find in a place where the locals “lose their shit the second the sun comes out,” which is how Jancevich describes Danes’ response to the weather in their “Joy Will Follow” video.

Still, Twin Dive’s music is definitely cosmopolitan, and feels primed and ready for the best rock clubs Europe and elsewhere have to offer. “Joy Will Follow” — which besides being their first single, is the first song the duo wrote together — perfectly straddles a line between competing extremes to keep the rock community bounding forward.